Where Does the Money Go?

When we decided to start a fashion brand, we knew that we wanted to make it more than just a place to get amazing quality and beautiful bags.  We have always believed that it is our responsibility to help the people who need it most, and we know that the way to do that sustainably is through economic growth and development.  Therefore, we believe businesses have a vital responsibility to fulfill a mission greater than simply turning profits. After all, what good are profits if they aren’t used to make the world and our communities a better place?  That is why our mission has always been to partner with some of the best non-profit organizations we can find and help support their missions through our entrepreneurship. 

Every single sale we make generates a donation to one of these charities, which is at least 10 percent of the sale proceeds, and our customers choose which cause they want to support when they make their purchase.  If you decide to purchase one of our bags, you also decide to support one of the amazing causes we have partnered with.  Each quarter we make donations based on the causes that our customers chose to support our charity partners.

  If bringing clean water to those who don’t have access to it is important to you, choose charity: water and help build a well in a village providing clean water to its residents for life.  If you have a heart for cancer patients, The Dear Jack Foundation uses our donations to support adolescents and young adults with blood-borne cancers.  A21 are abolitionists of the 21st century working to eliminate all forms of human slavery in modern times, and your purchase can help us support them.  Perhaps you have a heart for helping our four-legged friends.  If so, you can choose to support the ASPCA with your donation and help them to make sure more animals get to live the lives they deserve.  Do you have a heart for supporting American veterans?  You can choose to support disabled American veterans (DAV) through your purchase, and help those who served America get the support they need to live fully despite their injuries.  You can also choose to help us support the international rescue committee which works with international refugees and helps them find safe passage to areas where they can live free from the threats of violence and war.  Finally, you can help support the Autism Research Institute, and help them perform the research necessary to understand Autism and related issues.

At Carry Your Cause we believe it is our duty to make the world a better place, and we believe in the charities we have chosen to partner with.  We thoroughly reviewed their history and financial practices to ensure that the donations we give are put to good use.  We give confidently knowing that these world-class organizations are making a difference.  We hope that you will help us support them and help support a movement that cultivates entrepreneurship with a purpose.  Get. Give Back. Carry On.